Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Happy New Year!

2009 was tough for many. Me included. So welcome 2010 and let me reinvent myself. I will still give the same friendly service with fast turnaround and well-built files, but will offer more. This blog for one, and more of my time to you. I can’t promise monthly lunches, but I will follow up with phone calls to see if you need anything. I will also offer incentives for your referrals. Starbucks card? Lunch at a local restaurant? Cash? It all depends on the referral and if the business relationship continues. And believe me, I WILL do what I can to make it last.

As usual, I will be the networking queen. You may already have a link from my web site to yours. I would love for you to return the favor if it’s in your control.

Please check back to my blog periodically. I’ll send reminders and I hope to be able to make it worth your while, whether it’s valuable information, or to provide a good laugh. The world knows we can always use a good laugh.

Thank you for being part of my business and part of my life.

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