Thursday, February 18, 2010

Networking in a recession

I attended a wonderful seminar this morning about selling yourself in recessionary times. It was put on by the East County and Santee chambers. Great bunch of people, as usual, but more importantly, a valuable way to spend my time. Rose Avila of RMA Consulting spoke to us and gave us some tips. She also reminded us that Marketing is not the same as Selling, and what we need to be doing now is Sales. I haven't had to sell myself in 13 years. I have always gotten work by word of mouth, and a lot of repeat business. Things are a'changin'. Rose gave us the Stages of a sale, which begins with establishing a trusting relationship with someone. The new business may come from that person, or through X degrees of separation by way of a referral or other introduction. Everyone who attended shared ideas about how they are looking for new business, whether it be from social networking, to advertising, to cold calling, to offering incentives to those who refer us for new business. That will be my next email blast - some type of valuable offer to bring me a new customer. I'll let you know how it goes.

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