Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Emails should look nice too

Think of an email as, well, an E-lectronic piece of Mail. An E-Letter if you will. It should be formatted as such. When you write a letter do you separate paragraphs with space, or do you run all your sentences together?
Do you indent?
If you are making a point do you use

• bullets,




Well you can do all the same things in your email program, and you should.

Make it easy for someone to read the message, not just the words. How many times have you heard, “oh, you just can’t get the tone from an email.” ?? YES, you CAN! Use punctuation, formatting, even emoticons - those smiley, sad, or other faces. I use this when I feel embarrassed or confused- :/

With email being the primary way most of us communicate, we should be using it as an extension of our personalities.

Contact me if you have questions or want a quick lesson.
Thank you!

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